Ensure Quality: Step 4 to Become the Broadcaster of Tomorrow

Ensure Quality: Step 4 to Become the Broadcaster of Tomorrow

This fourth step of your Broadcaster of Tomorrow journey is to ensure high-quality delivery anytime, anywhere. By high quality, we're talking about TV-like quality experiences that your viewers rightfully expect when they tune into your online video.

According to a 2016 Verizon Digital Media Services' study conducted on 1,000+ U.S.-based online consumers watching 14+ hours of streamed video a week, 86 percent of viewers say it is very or extremely important to receive TV-quality experiences on every screen. When video quality was reduced, nearly one third of viewers abandoned viewing at least every other time they watched on a mobile device. And once these viewers abandon your content, they are less likely to come back, which is why it is extremely important to ensure quality off the bat. So, how do you go about monitoring and testing the quality of your content, considering how difficult it is to pinpoint service quality deterioration before your viewers are even impacted?

Today's broadcasters face the challenge of monitoring not only the broadcast output, but also the many new outputs they distribute for viewing on every device and platform. In addition to accounting for every version of their content, each with its unique bitrate and format, broadcasters must establish a means of understanding how the viewer's quality of experience is affected by the networks and devices that facilitate delivery and viewing. Looking beyond their own quality standards, they also must ensure that their content adheres to applicable closed-captioning and loudness regulations.

While these challenges indicate the need for logging (recording) and monitoring across every state of the workflow, the reality is that manual approaches to OTT service monitoring are costly and even cost-prohibitive. This is why today's broadcaster needs automated monitoring and analytics tools as simple and affordable extensions of their current workflow and infrastructures.

Verizon Digital Media Services' Broadcast/OTT Solution and Live Streaming Solution equip the Broadcaster of Tomorrow with analytics to identify video impairments at critical stages, such as content delivery network (CDN) quality and traffic information to player-side QOE (Quality of Experience) analysis. Our Volicon Media Intelligence service offers complete, cost-effective quality monitoring for multi-platform media delivery and employs the same suite of tools already proven in set-top box and transport stream monitoring applications. Rather than continually monitor all outputs in every version, the Broadcaster of Tomorrow is now empowered to monitor at ingest, encode, packaging, and delivery, examining audio and video, as well as metadata, ensuring that everything performs well and is compliant.

With Verizon Digital Media Services as your partner, your quest to become the Broadcaster of Tomorrow just got easier! More importantly, your viewers will be able to enjoy the best, TV-like experiences possible. Take advantage of OTT service monitoring from ingest to device, plus all the benefits that comes from a single, integrated solution that reduces operational complexity and includes 24 x 7 x 365 support.

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