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Jason_Friedlander_HeadshotBy Jason Friedlander, Director Marketing

While over-the-top (OTT) streaming today makes it easier than ever to bring news and sports content from abroad into the United States, the publishing of content for specific groups — particularly immigrant and expat communities — is nothing new.

Chicago's Polish community has published its own Polish-language newspaper, Dziennik Związkowy, without interruption since its founding in 1908. China Times, purchased in 2004 by the U.S. Cantonese-language newspaper, Sing Tao Daily, was founded in San Francisco in 1924. By the mid-1990s, satellite-based pay-TV had started to make it easier for U.S. viewers to get familiar programming, along with sports and news, from other countries. Today, comprehensive streaming platforms enable far simpler, and more economical, distribution of video content to the U.S. market.

The U.S. market is appealing for many reasons, not the least of which is its massive potential audience. Rich with a blend of different cultures and ethnicities, it offers endless possibilities. The U.S. also boasts a population that enjoys relatively high access to cutting-edge technologies, with a growing number of cord-cutters who are looking for unique niche content — and are willing to spend some money to get content that interests them. Already, U.S. viewers regularly ante up for OTT delivery of English Premier League matches, Tour de France coverage, and other niche sports such as rugby and motocross.

Responding to U.S. demand for unique content on both streaming services and social platforms, foreign content publishers can boost ad revenues associated with their existing content investments. The potential gains from U.S. distribution are no longer offset by the massive capital investment necessary to keep a satellite feed running, by the need for long-term agreements with the MVPD market, or by the cost and complexity of processing and managing multiple versions of OTT content.

Today's technology and streaming platforms eliminate those concerns. As a result, content publishers that pursue a sound monetization strategy, keep costs in line and take proper steps to guard against piracy can succeed in the U.S. market even with content plays that have been traditionally thought to be too niche and risky.

Audiences tend to care about three key elements of OTT streaming: the quality of the experience, the ease with which they can access content and the content itself. End-to-end streaming platforms address the first two viewer requirements, using the latest tools and technology to ensure seamless delivery of content. It's up to content publishers to supply compelling programming, from popular sports events to regional and cultural news to distinctive dramas and comedies from different countries.

Whether delivered in the form of a newspaper, satellite TV channel or OTT offering, content that speaks to an audience's passions and interests will always be in demand. The U.S. is a competitive market for OTT content, but if it's provided consistently and with TV-like quality, the right content will find the right audience.

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