Extend Your Workflow: The First Step to Become the Broadcaster of Tomorrow

Extend Your Workflow: The First Step to Become the Broadcaster of Tomorrow

The Broadcaster of Tomorrow must know how to conquer today’s fragmented landscape of devices and platforms used to view media. Learn how to extend your workflow in Part 1 of this five-part blog series.

Traditional TV viewing is rapidly evolving. Millennials, especially, are choosing to cut the cord and drop their cable subscription, preferring instead to access their favorite media online and on their mobile devices. A broadcaster like you can choose to look at this challenge as an opportunity to extend your reach. You already have great content available, so why not deliver this content to where your viewers are watching? By evolving from today’s broadcaster into a Broadcaster of Tomorrow, you will be able to reach your viewers on any device and platform, anytime, anywhere.

In this five-part blog series, we talk about the five steps needed to transition into the successful Broadcaster of Tomorrow. Let’s start with Step 1: Extend Your Workflow.

Delivering broadcast content online can be complicated and expensive, which is why a simplified online video workflow is a must. The number of devices and platforms out there used by viewers to watch media is staggering. Plus, there are the technical complexities like encoding, encryption, distribution, monetization and measurement workflows required.

You’re not alone if you’re worried about costs and where to start while trying to launch an over-the-top (OTT) service. Your viewers demand broadcast-quality video on all their devices and platforms, but that can mean an overwhelming amount of devices to address. As an example, Android alone has six different platform versions and nearly 19,000 phone models and tablets.

Unlike cable, online distribution is an emerging market, and revenue models are unpredictable. This can put you in a tough spot when modeling ROI. You might even experience delays in your launch or even a decline in viewership as you crunch the numbers and try to make the economics work.

Verizon Digital Media Services reduces complexity for the Broadcaster of Tomorrow while shrinking costs associated with online video workflows. We provide a faster, simpler way to support new devices, a way to transform how you’re delivering to new connected devices. Our Uplynk Video Streaming service leverages a simplified workflow that can reach every device and platform. This also makes distribution, digital rights management (DRM), analytics, playback, advertising and more a whole lot easier.

And there’s more. Verizon’s pay-as-you-go business model significantly reduces the upfront costs associated with hardware and software capital expenses. Just give us your content, and we’ll take care of delivering it everywhere to your viewers.

Click here for Step 2 on how to become the Broadcaster of Tomorrow: Integrate Existing Systems.

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