Finding video header bidding success with our publisher partners

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After a few months of beta testing, we’re excited to announce the release of our new Video SSP bidding adapter for publishers using the Prebid Video solution. This integration enables publishers to connect unique Video SSP demand into their video header bidding container to improve monetization and increase fill rates.

Header bidding for video

Publishers monetizing their display ad inventory are likely already familiar with Prebid.js, an open-source header bidding technology. Prebid Video gives publishers the same opportunity to call all demand partners simultaneously for their video inventory, instead of relying on the inefficient waterfall. This helps publishers improve bid density and overall yield, while also potentially reducing latency. 

During our beta, we’ve been working closely with Adscend Media and a leading language education publisher to improve their results using the Video SSP Prebid adapter.

Adscend Media: Increasing fill rates and reducing latency 

Adscend Media’s owned and operated site Hideout.tv is a leader in the rewards-based video ad space. Adscend quickly saw how header bidding would not only lead to incremental revenue opportunities but also significantly reduce the latency that often comes with waterfall setups. After the Video SSP integration with their Prebid Video container, eCPMs increased by 30%, while fill rates improved by nearly 60%. Another side benefit is that we were able to significantly reduce video latency helping to improve the user experience and increase overall viewership.   

Competitive superior CPMs and increasing video header bidding revenue

The Video SSP began a Prebid Video integration with a leading language education publisher in late 2018. Our integrations team worked closely with the publisher to optimize response rates, ensuring there were no 901 VAST errors, and enforcing high ad quality. In the few months since the integration went live, the Video SSP has delivered eCPMs 57% higher compared to the publisher’s average Prebid Video eCPMs. Growth was rapid, and the Video SSP is now the publisher’s #1 Prebid Video revenue partner, accounting for about 30% of revenue, and increasing the publisher’s overall Prebid Video revenue by 23%.

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