First-Class Service Makes the Best Technology Even Better

First-Class Service Makes the Best Technology Even Better - Verizon Digital Media Services

a photograph of Peter GallagherBy Peter Gallagher, Chief Operating Officer

Our business is to make it easy for our customers – broadcasters and over-the-top content providers – to reach media consumers and give them the TV-like experience they now demand from their video streaming services. We make meeting consumer expectations the highest priority because what matters in the end is that they get the viewing experience they want: excellent video quality without interruptions or delays. We partner with each of our customers to ensure they can deliver on this promise.

This approach to service requires that we are very proactive in developing and maintaining robust, reliable solutions. We’ve built redundancy and resilience into our platform, architecting it to ensure that the linear broadcast experience isn’t disrupted.

But, the world is not a perfect place, and things can go wrong for many reasons, some of which we can control, and some we can’t.

Because we have the means to monitor the platform from end to end, we can respond quickly if an unexpected issue arises, like a backhoe digging in the street that accidentally cuts a fiber and compromises internet access.

We control every element from ingest through delivery, so we can monitor and analyze streaming services thoroughly, examining the full life cycle of a streaming session, as well as the technical stack – network, servers, databases and applications – supporting every part of that session.

We have the tools and real-time information we need to identify and locate the problem in the end-to-end supply chain and tech stack and fix it, or at least mitigate the problem, before it affects the consumer experience. By ensuring our technology can preserve the integrity of the consumer’s viewing experience, we’re providing our customers with high-quality service as well.

In serving as a partner to our customers, we’re increasingly involved in providing the core technology enabling end-to-end online video delivery. The evolving economic landscape of OTT service delivery is making this model more and more common, but embracing it as a provider remains a weighty decision for content creators and owners. Although our customers do appreciate taking advantage of our innovative technology, they benefit even more from our ability to work as an extension of their operations. Whether our customers manage content production on one end or control the consumer experience on the other end, we work closely with them to maintain a cohesive ecosystem capable of delivering a broadcast-quality experience.

Certainly, many factors contribute to the success of video streaming, but exceptional service in support of leading technology is among the most important. For this reason we also offer value-added services that make it easier and more economical to deliver the video experiences that consumers crave. We offer, for instance, a master control facility with an experienced crew that can step in and facilitate production and streaming of a live event on behalf of a customer. Similarly, our VOD asset processing and standardization team can cost-effectively perform the necessary, sometimes inconvenient, task of making the stream available for later distribution and viewing. As the industry continues to evolve, we will continue to address the changing needs of our customers, offering the technical capabilities they want and need – all under the umbrella of providing amazing service.

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