Front-End Optimization, Automated and at the Edge

When you visit O’Reilly’s Velocity conference, you’ll frequently hear that fast and optimized webpages lead to higher visitor engagement, retention, and conversions. Plus, user expectations are constantly on the rise, so the pressure to deliver fast and reliable web experiences is greater than ever before

With so many moving parts on both the front- and back-end of a webpage, web developers have almost countless “best practice” optimizations to choose from in order to speed up their sites.

Verizon Digital Media Services, together with Google’s Page Speed team, set out to make things easier (and websites faster). As an industry first, we introduced automated front-end optimization integrated directly into our network. Now, instead of having to go through code manually to uncover hidden performance boosts, Edge Optimizer conducts on-the-fly optimization, on the edge server closest to the end user — all without requiring any changes to site code (one of the many clients that are using Edge Optimizer: Build.com).

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