Give the gift of XR ad experiences to drive holiday purchases

A couple holiday shopping taking a break to look at Augmented Reality on mobile phone.

There’s a new reality in holiday e-commerce. Consumers are researching and shopping for gift ideas on their mobile devices more than ever before, spending an estimated $70B on mobile this year.1 Are you taking advantage of innovative tools to invite audiences to interact with your products on a whole new dimension?

The challenge: Encourage shoppers to buy and repeat their purchase

Exploring a product online prior to purchase puts consumers in the driver’s seat, much like test-driving a car, creating a greater sense of confidence in consumers’ purchase decisions. In fact, 49% of shoppers are more likely to purchase a product if they can experience it online first.2

Extended reality (or XR) ad formats enhance your brand’s experience on mobile. These innovative formats allow consumers to visualize your products in real-world environments, seamlessly blending digital and physical spaces to make purchase decisions easier.

With 60% of marketers saying they’ll be investing in new media types this holiday season3, discover the most effective XR solutions for reaching your e-commerce goals.

The solution: Prospect and retain consumers through innovative XR formats

Augmented Reality (AR) ads

AR ads eliminate the guesswork of whether or not a product will look right in the home, office, backyard, or other IRL space. This fun format helps consumers simulate the experience of having a tangible object like a piece of furniture appear right in front of them through their mobile device, combining utility with entertainment to increase sales and minimize returns.

One popular retailer ran an AR campaign and saw shoppers spending an average of 2.4 minutes interacting with the ads. Audiences also feel better about their purchase decisions after exploring AR ads, with 64% of shoppers gaining more confidence after using the feature.4

Augmented Reality mobile ad on Verizon Media

3D ads

As the name suggests, 3D ad formats allow consumers to experience your product from all angles. This format places simulated products in real-world environments like AR ads, but the adaptability of 3D ads depending on where the user is standing or moving makes them a consistently appealing choice for brands.

360 ads

360 ads give users a complete picture of your product. Ideal for vertical-screen mobile users, this format puts audiences in the middle of your product experience to showcase your features in greater detail. Touchpoints can also be added to 360 ads to inspire more on-the-spot interaction and influence a “window shopper” directly to purchase. 

Ads with 360 functionality promote 2x higher interaction time than standard interactive ads,6 giving customers a greater sense of confidence that your product should make it on their holiday shortlist.

Give your current and new consumers an experience they won’t soon forget this holiday season. Contact us today to build an ecommerce campaign that engages your audience across dimensions to get real-world results. 


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