Google to Shut Down PageSpeed Service Later This Year

Alternate to Google PageSpeed Service

Google recently announced that it will be shutting down its PageSpeed Service as of August 3, 2015. The PageSpeed Service is just one part of Google’s toolset of four that applies a number of optimization techniques to load web pages faster for users.

The four tools that make up PageSpeed are: the PageSpeed Module, an open source web server plugin, PageSpeed Insights, which allows users to submit a URL and be given a comprehensive score of performance optimizations, PageSpeed Chrome DevTools, a browser plugin, and the PageSpeed Service, which is a Google-hosted engine for improving website performance. Only the PageSpeed Service will be deprecated. Google will continue to develop, maintain and enhance the other three tools.

Verizon Digital Media Services (formerly EdgeCast Networks) has an extensive and experienced history with the PageSpeed Module. It has been integrated into our content delivery platform for nearly three years. Specifically, Verizon TRANSACT and ACCELERATE offer Edge Optimizer, our implementation of the PageSpeed Module. Google has highlighted Verizon Digital Media Services as a cloud-based alternative for the soon-to-be-deprecated PageSpeed Service.

Edge Optimizer is an optional feature of both Verizon TRANSACT and ACCELERATE. These two products are focused on Dynamic Site Acceleration on a global and enterprise-grade scale. Combining global capacity, routing optimizations, connection optimization, caching capabilities and our easy-to-use rules engine, both TRANSACT and ACCELERATE improve performance of dynamic and static content. By adding Edge Optimizer, our customers will enjoy additional performance improvements for static content, such as JavaScript files, stylesheets, images and HTML.

Verizon has worked closely with Google to implement PageSpeed as Edge Optimizer and looks forward to continuing to improve web performance for our customers and their users.

Want to learn more about Verizon TRANSACT, ACCELERATE or Edge Optimizer? Visit VerizonDigitalMedia.com to learn more.


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