Guidance: Retailers will deliver more and more personalized content

Retailers to Deliver More Personalized Content (Interview)

Interview with Jason Meugniot, CEO, Guidance

Why does speed matter for your clients?

A lot of our customers are focused on speed because it translates directly to conversion. When you think about conversion, you also have to consider page download times.

For example, Apple will deliver a page in one second. It’s not easy to achieve that, and companies put a lot of resources into keeping page download times low. Most online retailers operate in the 4-6 seconds range. We try really hard to achieve page download times in the 2-3 second range. Verizon Digital Media Services helps us do that.

What are the challenges to delivering personalized shopping experiences?

As time goes by, retailers will deliver more and more personalized content. They are putting more and heavier content on their pages. There will be an increasing number of third parties that provide rich content on these pages.

In the context of retailers, you might have a product, you have ratings and reviews, plus you may have offers and advertising and all sorts of things happening on your page. Many of those things are not coming from the retailer, but are served from third parties. Being able to deliver all of that content quickly is often a challenge and also, as time goes on and the devices get smaller, there will be an increasing need for faster content delivery.

How do you prepare your clients for the shift to m-commerce?

At Guidance, we are doing a lot in the responsive web design space, which enables us to create solutions that are presented appropriately on a desktop, smartphone, and a number of different tablets. Some of the things that we focus on within the context of responsive design, for example, are delivering the right assets based on the type of browser and screen people are using.

Responsive design can get a little tricky. It is only in the last year that online retailers have looked at it, but it is something we are focused on.

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