Hello Ireland


After some years working with Packed House to develop our advertising offering in Ireland we are now starting a new era at Verizon Media. From today a dedicated in-house team will be in charge of the Irish market, so Verizon Media will assume directly the management of the campaigns that we have been successfully delivering with you during the last months and years.

Packed House has been a great and efficient partner who helped us to share our commitment in creating engaging ad campaigns that deliver the best solutions for brands, in brand safe environments and with our ethos of trust and innovation. Ireland is an important market for us. In Dublin we have our EMEA headquarters, an office where 400 people support all markets across the region in sales, strategy, optimisation and finance. As part of Verizon Media’s global growth strategy, we are now looking to service our Irish clients directly to help them make the most of our media and technology.

In spite of the difficulties we are all living through currently due to the pandemic, our plan remains the same: to build the future of the advertising industry with you. Some of our most recent innovations include building a unified Verizon Media Ad Platform that can deliver, optimise and measure digital marketing campaigns across desktop display, mobile, video and native as well as emerging channels like Digital Out of Home (DOOH), Connected TV (CTV) and digital audio. We announced the launch of our 5G-enabled studio in London, offering our European customers the opportunity to build Hollywood-quality Extended Reality (XR) experiences with volumetric capture, motion capture and AR broadcast technology, supercharged with 5G connectivity. And of course we remain committed to our premium brands like Yahoo, TechCrunch and Engadget as well as our exclusive partnership with Microsoft and the many other premium content providers across our network of publishers accessible through our DSP and exchanges. I’m very excited about the prospect of working with you and I am sure we will do big things together. 


Please, feel free to reach out to our new team for Ireland at irish.sales.support@verizonmedia.com

with any questions.