How EB Games Australia increased site traffic by 30% year-over-year to capture growing online market

How EB Games Australia Increased Site Traffic by 30%

The gaming industry is changing at a dramatic pace — and with it, the way games are bought. Consumers are increasingly going online for purchasing games, as NPD Group reports. In the following post, Adrian McKenzie, Senior Manager of eCommerce at EB Games Australia, gives insights into how EB Games grew its online business by 100% year-on-year by leveraging Verizon’s global content delivery network (in a market where 20% of game purchases are already made online, according to MCV Pacific).

Prior to Verizon Digital Media Services (formerly EdgeCast), ebgames.com.au managed its own infrastructure without a CDN partner. Given the site’s growing popularity among gamers in Australia, the company decided to begin serving their traffic on Verizon’s content delivery network in 2010.

‘Back then we started publishing content more frequently, which added up in data usage’, says Adrian McKenzie. With Verizon, ebgames.com.au was able to achieve savings by offloading that traffic to the Verizon network.

Ever since signing up with Verizon Digital Media Services, traffic to the site has increased by 30% year-on-year, which translated into a 100% year-on-year growth for EB Games Australia’s online business.

Verizon did not only handle that dramatic increase in traffic. According to McKenzie, another concern for EB Games was the cost of redundancy if EB Games’ servers would go down.

‘With Verizon Digital Media Services, we still have other POPs that would deliver our content just as fast in case one server goes down. We barely had any problems since we signed up with Verizon,’ says McKenzie. ‘Even when I had issues, they were proactive in communicating and in solving them.’

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