How OTT providers can succeed in India – Part 2

How OTT providers can succeed in India - Part 2

In yesterday's blog, we shared insights about the challenges OTT providers are facing in India. Today's blog focuses on current solutions some OTT providers have adopted, as well as our take on how to effectively penetrate India's vast and quickly emerging OTT market.

Between its diversified audience and rapidly evolving delivery infrastructure, India is unlike any other country with the challenges it presents to OTT providers looking to penetrate the market.

It's a problem that all 100-and-counting OTT providers in the country are facing, so it's not surprising that one of the first solutions some providers have enacted to gain larger audiences is to team up. Bloomberg teamed up with India-based digital news venture Quintillion Media to provide OTT news to Indian subscribers. Likewise, Indian provider TV18 and the U.S.-based Viacom launched a joint venture in 2018 to compete with larger OTT names like Amazon. When multiple OTT providers team up, they can provide more types of content, reach a wider audience, and share technologies and cost.

Partnerships can help

Partnerships are particularly successful not only because they minimize the number of players in the massively competitive Indian media space, but because they also allow providers to share valuable resources. Divvying up the workload helps because a host of interlocking parts exist in OTT media, from creating and licensing content to selling ads to delivering video over the web. Companies will fair better if they share the technological load of delivering content and the manpower of providing customer service. Companies that try to go it alone may soon discover that they've shed a lot of money trying to do everything, but ended up doing nothing particularly well. It's a bit like trying to build your own car when you'd be better off buying one from a dealership.

How to overcome India's OTT challenges

While facing the challenges of India's ever-changing infrastructure, finding the right partner is paramount. With four points of presence throughout India (in Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, and New Delhi) Verizon Digital Media Services' OTT solution is ideally positioned to deliver high-quality streaming video – not just to India, but across the entire continent, Europe, and around the world. The Verizon Digital Media Services next-generation platform offers a turnkey solution to help OTT providers get to market faster in terms of their content preparation, delivery, display, monetization, analytics, and reporting. For providers in emerging markets like India, this means finally having the ability to quickly scale to grow audiences and maximize their return on investment.


Even in a market as fragmented as India's, OTT providers can thrive. By shifting their focus from trying to create their own OTT network to working with an OTT service that already has the resources, global network, and strategy in place, providers can focus on the other critical asset that builds audiences rapidly – great content.

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