How we're updating Real-Time Log Delivery for our CDN

How we’re updating Real-Time Log Delivery for the Edgecast CDN

By Tony Ferrari, Sr. Product Manager, CDN Analytics

Customers used to have to choose between a robust content delivery network (CDN) and detailed analytic data. With Real-Time Log Delivery (RTLD), they no longer have to give up one for the other. In the three months since we launched RTLD, our customers are converting knowledge into action in record time. They're able to parse a constant stream of data into insights that help them make better decisions. Our "by developers, for developers" platform, speaks their language, allowing for deep customization and a bespoke solution for each client.

Here are some of the ways we have already improved the way RTLD works since its launch and how our CDN customers are using it to their advantage.

Vital insights faster than ever

For eCommerce companies, even small issues with availability and/or performance can have a dramatic impact on revenue. According to Google, more than half of users abandon a mobile website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Every second counts when it comes to analytics, too. If errors spike or your website is loading slower than normal, you need to know within seconds, not hours or even minutes. In 2018, data is no longer "nice to have": it's essential for eCommerce success. That's why we designed our RTLD to deliver a complete analytics report in just 30 seconds – much faster than the industry standard. If there's a performance issue with their website or app, our customers know quickly and can take action right away.

A platform that scales

For popular eCommerce websites and apps, analytics can be a fire hose. Especially during the busy holiday season, when concurrent traffic can reach billions of hits per day. The raw data that comes out of billions of visits not to mention clicks and conversions, page load times and error rates – can be overwhelming to process and therefore difficult to act on. Many analytics solutions offer visualizations, dashboards, and reports that are intended to make the flood of data easier to parse. However, many problems or questions are so complex that they can't be answered by looking at high-level reports — one must look at the raw data itself.

Our RTLD solution aims to reach a middle ground. Over the past few months, we've fine-tuned it to give customers the ability to narrow down the raw data they want to review most. That means they can cut through the noise and easily excavate precisely what they need. Our interface allows them to seek insights in specific ways, for example by:

This solution lets customers own their data on a granular level without feeling flooded or losing sight of the data forest for the individual data trees.

For developers, by developers

The basic analytics solutions that might work for general audiences and amateurs are not ideal for professionals who make their living online. RTLD is built for analysts to make sense of data without a clunky platform getting in their way.

Not everyone works the same way, so our RTLD solution is designed to be flexible and adapt to a website owner's preferred workflow, not the other way around. It lets the customer view each dataset in several different ways, making it easy to consider multiple perspectives. We use JSON formatting and HTTP POST for fast and secure transmission of sensitive data. Our adaptable platform allows website owners to view, analyze, and present their data beautifully.

Standard products aren't capable of offering data in this elastic format. Our developer-first technical implementation means that website owners can parse what they need and drill down into the exact visualizations that will help them the most.

As traffic speeds up during the holiday shopping season, website owners need an equally responsive solution for staying on top of their online business. Collecting data on increased conversions now can lead to more intelligent decisions – and more effective revenue building – in the future.

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