Improving Search Engine Optimization with HTTPS Encryption

Improving Search Engine Optimization with HTTPS

All business owners want their website to remain top-of-mind for their users. Moving higher in Google search rankings will ensure that both new and existing users will find your website.

Did you know that Google started using HTTPS encryption as a ranking signal, which affects your position in their results? That means that switching from HTTP to HTTPS will improve your search engine rankings, allowing you to increase your website’s overall traffic.

HTTPS is used to secure online transactions on web pages that store sensitive data, such as personal customer information and credit card numbers. Today, HTTPS’ role is growing to secure all content on your website. Businesses of every type all over the web are now actively migrating as much of their website traffic away from HTTP and over to HTTPS to help with their SEO and Google rankings and to ensure faster security and privacy for web visitors.

Armed with HTTPS encryption in our DELIVER and PROTECT products, using TLS or Transport Layer Security (formerly SSL or Secure Sockets Layer) certificates, your website will be faster and easier to find. Plus, your website will be backed by Verizon Digital Media Services’ secure-by-design content delivery network (CDN) for always-on performance.

And of course, your website will be more secure. HTTPS delivery from Verizon will help to protect both your customers and your website. HTTPS prevents man-in-the-middle attacks, eavesdropping, tampering and malware injection between your site and end users. With recent high profile security breaches on the rise, protecting your customer’s privacy is essential to retain their viewership and loyalty.

Sign up for a free trial of our DELIVER and PROTECT products today and start securing all traffic to your website while improving overall performance.

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