Identity is not a commodity

Identity is not a commodity

By: Chris Vincelli (Director, Global Partnerships, Verizon Media)

To prepare for the inevitable post-cookie world, many publishers are turning to the promise of Unified or Universal ID solutions. These tools are built for the future of identity, and that’s great - but identity is not a commodity. It’s not as easy as adopting an ID, swapping out a cookie for another data point and calling it a day. Continuing to successfully monetize and scale your business requires you to activate an identity strategy that not only maintains revenue, but makes your audience and inventory more attractive for buyers while maintaining trust with your audience. 

Of course, we’re still in the process of transitioning to a world truly post cookie. Continuity of addressable spend in a post-cookie world is relevant to a problem that we’ll all face eventually, but it doesn’t address the need to integrate today.  As a result, publishers should be looking for a partner with deep expertise on both the supply and demand side, an ID with direct and trusted consumer relationships, and the tools and insights to set a future-forward path for identity. 

As both a Publisher and an ID provider, Verizon Media understands the need for a fair value exchange. Here are three key differentiators that set us apart for publishers looking to activate their identity strategy today, and future-proof it for tomorrow.     

1. Demand activation

Verizon Media’s perspective has always been privacy-centric and we launched a number of core identity solutions in 2020, including our unified ID, Verizon Media ConnectID. Proprietary and scaled demand has adopted ConnectID to transact on Verizon Media O&O and premium supply partnerships, and our DSP team is aggressively working with clients to update their data activation methods to make use of the ConnectID, in addition to retrofitting many of our data activation products to work with ConnectID out of the box.

Our data partners are also getting in the mix, with Acxiom, Adstra, Epsilon, Equifax IXI, Experian, Neustar, TransUnion, Throtle and others becoming interoperable with ConnectID. These connections can unlock additional spend for our publishers, and a more deterministic ID like ConnectID  should increase campaign conversions and performance. 

2. Insights

Insights are great for building RFPs, but wouldn’t it be great to execute the RFP in the same stack?   Using ConnectID, publishers have the ability to not only capture audience insights, but enable those audiences for purchase across our DSP.   

Performance  insights on DSP include:

  • Ad effectiveness measurement: the value of your inventory through the measured impact of your clients’ advertising.
  • Attribution: show the value of the audiences you bring to advertisers, as well as deeper understanding of those audiences outside their properties for competitive intelligence.

3. The consumer is at the heart of everything

Providing a consumer-first experience requires ease of use (which previously came from an often logged-in, personalized experience attributed to end user characteristics) and the privacy controls and transparency users expect.  Consumers may feel a degree of weariness having to accept cookie usage, sign up for emails, or login for additional benefits - but ultimately, most understand the value exchange across the open web, as long as that value exchange is made transparent. 

Verizon Media’s ConnectID keeps the user’s privacy preferences at the forefront. Work with a CMP? We respect those signals. Have you adopted TCF 2.0? We respect those signals. Has the user opted-out directly with Verizon Media? We respect those signals. We respect publisher data privacy as well; ConnectID simply confirms whether or not we have a profile for the user within our People Graph through a hashed email address. The publisher’s data remains with the publisher, and Verizon Media’s data remains with Verizon Media. Verizon Media’s ConnectID provides:

  • Trusted opted-in, authenticated user data 
  • Direct consumer relationships
  • A privacy-first leadership background, not just a pivot into identity because the industry/browsers called for it

The identity space remains wide open as new players come about every day. Publishers have the option to solve for a piece of the puzzle, or to activate a comprehensive identity strategy that instills confidence in their users, along with providing value to their demand partners. Verizon Media is uniquely positioned as a full stack partner, and is ready to help you activate your identity strategy. Reach out to your Verizon Media partner to begin your activation today. 

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