The impact of Open Measurement

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In February, we launched the Verizon Ads SDK, combining the best monetization assets from our previous ONE Mobile and Flurry Monetization SDKs, and including support for the IAB Tech Lab Open Measurement SDK. We’re excited about the opportunities this solution brings for the mobile programmatic ecosystem, and wanted to share what we’ve seen so far. 

The problem Open Measurement solves

Before Open Measurement, measuring in-app viewability was a mess. Accurate measurement required the publisher or Ads SDK to integrate and maintain each individual measurement vendor’s proprietary SDK. For example, if a publisher was measuring viewability using the Moat SDK, but a buyer measured their campaigns using IAS, those impressions would be unmeasurable. The buyer would have to encourage the publisher to also integrate with IAS - a challenging ask since publishers and monetization SDKs try to limit the number of integrations to minimize app size.

The Open Measurement SDK solves that problem by including viewability solutions from the major viewability and verification vendors - Moat, IAS, DoubleVerify, ComScore, and DV360 ActiveView - out of the box.

Open Measurement growth

Over the past six months, we’ve seen adoption of the Verizon Media Ads SDK with Open Measurement increase dramatically. We crossed an important milestone in September, with over 50% of our SDK supply now Open Measurement enabled. This means buyers can use their viewability measurement vendor of choice and receive accurate, consistent viewability data.

Targeting Open Measurement supply

Currently, the Verizon Ads SDK supports Open Measurement for inline and interstitial placements (display and video). The Verizon Media Exchange helps simplify targeting for buyers by offering this supply in two ways:

  • Supporting the value (7) for OMID-1 (Open Measurement Interface Definition) within API Frameworks to indicate if OMID is available for a given impression in a bid request. We also now support the optional fields of omidpn/pv parameters, which are added as a custom field part of the bidrequest.ext object.

  • Two Open Measurement enabled Deal IDs - one for video app supply and one for display app supply. Learn more about these supply opportunities here. 

The Open Measurement SDK finally brings order to the app viewability world. If you’re looking for recommendations or guidance on the best way to maximize your mobile strategy, reach out to your Verizon Media exchange partner manager, or contact us