Premium Integrations

Integrate your brand into moments of intention

woman on tablet in the outdoors

Intention is passion, and Verizon Media offers advertisers unique opportunities to integrate your stories with premium content, video, and live experiences that audiences look for.



Maximize your brand’s exposure through unrivaled experiences across Verizon Media’s premium house of brands. Our partnerships help advertisers drive deeper consumer relationships through custom branded experiences. From exclusive title partnerships to custom content creation to live events, Verizon Media can help your brand make an impact on its most relevant audiences, all within the environments designed for brand safety you expect on our premium brand channels. And with flexible buying options such as Direct IO and Open auction, you not only create what you want, you can also buy how you want as well.


There are three easy ways to advertise your brand across our premium video properties:

  • Run your pre-roll across premium brand channels, curated content, including a variety of topics and genres created by our own house of brands. Improve the flexibility of your targeting based on audience, content, genre, etc.  

  • Connect your brand to our premium partnership content.

  • Develop custom content with us through RYOT Studio.

At Verizon Media, we deliver a better brand experience by aligning with intention, delivering premium content that rewards our users’ curiosity and drives quality and performance for brands like yours. Contact us to see how we can partner together.