Introducing our all-new WAF: Faster and more accurate protection

Introducing our all-new WAF: Faster and more accurate protection

By Deep Trikannad, Sr. Manager Product Marketing and Richard Yew, Principal Product Manager, Security

When we introduced our web application firewall (WAF) in 2016, the security landscape was far different than it is today. Since its deployment, cyberthreats have grown dramatically more pervasive and damaging – costing business tens of billions of dollars annually.

To keep up with ever-changing global security threats, you have to evolve as well, which is why we're excited to announce our all-new WAF. This enterprise-grade global WAF further improves the protection of your website and apps while accelerating the performance of your web applications.

Our reinvented WAF delivers significant benefits for Security Operations teams, including:

Powerful security and performance combined

We've improved security without negatively impacting performance thanks to our all-new web application firewall engine, which rewrites the standards for WAF performance and scale. It processes requests 3x faster than the previous version. Not only does this update make security performance faster, but it also improves target accuracy to more effectively detect and mitigate the latest threats. This is possible thanks to new rule sets, as well as support for new security parameters, which includes blacklisting specific ASNs, stronger geo/IP targeting (including IPv6), and improved API protection.

Easier to use; means it's easier to protect your business

The more effortless something is to use, the more likely you are to use it. The improved user interface of our all-new WAF simplifies and expedites tailoring of WAF rules specific to web applications. You can make changes within the GUI in a fraction of the time that it took previously.

Better application coverage

The all-new Edgecast Rule Set (ECRS) combines the best of open source, commercial, and proprietary rules to not only provide better application coverage but also make it easier to stay on top of the latest vulnerabilities.

Protection and performance that can improve revenue

With our all-new WAF, your customers will experience even faster delivery of protected content and faster page load times, which can result in longer engagement, deeper loyalty, and increased revenue for your brand. Research has shown that slow loading web pages (regardless of reason) negatively impact the user experience, with a significant number of consumers abandoning a website if it doesn't load within 2 seconds. At the same time, visitors need to feel their personal information is secure whenever they visit your website or use your app. Our all-new, faster, more secure and accurate WAF delivers the best of protection and performance for both you, and your customers.

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