Introducing The Smarts, a Show about Smartplay by Verizon, Our 1 to 1 Session Management Technology

The Smarts: A Show About Smarter Video Delivery

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The Smarts, a new show from Verizon Digital Media Services, reveals how online video businesses like yours benefit when they use a smarter platform. The show follows the employees at Acme TV Online as they grow their monthly active users by providing engaging, personalized and high-quality viewing experiences. A friendly host is there to guide you, the viewer, and to provide behind-the-scenes insights into their success.

Let’s meet the players:

Bob, Chief Revenue Officer, and Ted, Chief Technology Officer: Bob and Ted work side-by-side to make sure their business keeps growing and their CEO stays happy. Bob is looking for ways to satisfy his advertisers, attract new viewers and stock his content library with great shows. Ted is in search of an elegant technology solution that manages to keep his video content playing and viewers pleased, no matter what.

The CEO: The big boss at Acme TV Online only has one thing on his mind: getting more viewers. He relies on Bob and Ted to drive the business and keep the technical wheels spinning.

Jill: All she wants is to watch her favorite TV show “America’s Cutest Dancing Puppies” on Acme TV Online, no matter where she is or what time she wants her fix. As a die-hard fan, nothing is worse for Jill than a blank screen or lag in the video stream. And all those ads targeted at men? Irrelevant.

Spoiler alert: The secret to their success is Smartplay by Verizon, our 1 to 1 session management technology. You’ll hear more about Smartplay in Season 1, including how it powers:

Smarter delivery: Delivering flawless video streams to any device, anytime, anywhere by adapting to the unique network conditions your users face.

Smarter advertising: Keeping your advertising partners happy thanks to dynamic, targeted ads presented with TV-like quality.

Smarter insights: Providing comprehensive analytics aggregated across all of your users to help you make smarter decisions for your business.

Ready to start delivering smarter viewing experiences to your viewers? Watch the trailer and stay tuned for future episodes. Episode 1 airs February 14, only on verizondigitalmedia.com/the-smarts.

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