It Should Only Take the Power of One Company to Launch Your OTT Service

Launch Your OTT Solution with One Company

There’s no denying it. If you haven’t launched an over-the-top (OTT) video service yet, you’re missing out. A digital future where everyone around the world is watching online is just around the corner. Content owners and providers who aren’t yet adapting their workflows for the digital age are setting themselves up for financial disaster; those who are currently competing with the likes of Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime are ahead of the game!

However, starting an OTT service from the ground up may seem easier said than done. With so many complexities and concerns involved, it’s not surprising that only a few have successfully ventured into the OTT space. Hopeful and emerging OTT service providers are getting lost in all the details:

  • Where do I start?
  • What tools, resources and partners will I need?
  • How much will it cost?
  • How soon will I launch?
  • And most importantly, is it worth it all or will I be too late?

The answer is a resounding no! It’s definitely not too late to start your OTT service.

Viewers are desperate for more online content. In fact, Ovum studies reveal that free services like YouTube, Vimeo and other free video websites (FVOD) account for the majority of digital video consumption worldwide (see Figure 1). And total revenue from OTT video will more than double to $22.9 billion in the years leading up to 2019 (see Figure 2).

But that window of opportunity to steal your slice of the market is rapidly closing. Today’s viewers are already claiming their loyalties with their favorite subscription-based (SVOD) services. If you don’t launch an OTT service soon, viewers may never come to you for content in the future.

Active Devices by OTT Platform

VDMS_IAT_BlogPost 3_Graphic_Fig2

Luckily, starting your OTT service doesn’t have to be complicated — at least not with the right partner by your side. And we’re not talking about a good partner. We mean the best. Only the best online video partner will be able to help you:

  • Format your video for all the various device platforms that you want to deploy (e.g., mobile, game, consoles, web browsers, media streamers)
  • Support all of the business models you want to employ for monetization (e.g., subscriptions and transactional services)
  • Support different content sources like on demand, linear television and live events

Furthermore, the best online video partner will have the necessary experience and know-how involved to launch your service. You want a partner who has a proven record of delivering on time and on budget, who can integrate your systems into its own and who has an excellent support system.

Here’s where Verizon Digital Media Services steps in. Our Video Lifecycle Solution is the industry’s first and only end-to-end video streaming solution. With this groundbreaking solution, we can easily and efficiently bring new OTT services to life in a matter of weeks, almost 5x faster than our competitors! And because you’re only dealing with one company from ingest to delivery to monetization, you won’t need to deal with multiple points of failure throughout building your digital workflow.

The way our Video Lifecycle Solution works is simple. We give you back the power of one:

  • One video workflow to encode high-quality live linear or on-demand video to every screen
  • One place to secure and store all your digital video files
  • One framework to quickly develop multi-platform apps on mobile, tablet, game consoles and browsers
  • One robust engine for monetization through advertising, subscriptions and pay per view
  • One set of analytics that helps you track and improve video performance
  • One digital rights management offering to protect your content on any device
  • One worldwide content delivery network to stream high-quality video to viewers everywhere

Verizon’s Video Lifecycle Solution is a unique end-to-end video streaming workflow that brings new OTT services to life in only 44 days.

With the power of one company and solution, Verizon is your champion for launching your OTT service successfully and in the shortest amount of time. So, don’t let time be your enemy. Any delays on your part can mean the loss of consumer loyalty, customer flight and loss of revenue. Your potential customers are saying it’s about time you launched, so what are you waiting for?

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