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Sadie Daryan eBay

Sadie Daryan, Global Head of Display and App Marketing at eBay recently shared some of her insights into driving more meaningful customer relationships through their innovative digital marketing efforts with Verizon Media. With nearly 10 years of digital marketing experience in the e-commerce industry, Sadie currently leads a global team of 11, driving the strategy for Display and App marketing.

Q: Ebay's mission is to be the world's favorite destination for discovering great value and unique selection. How does that inform your advertising strategy with Verizon Media?

A: Verizon Media has been a great partner for eBay because not only do they invest in understanding the eBay business and bring bespoke recommendations our way, but they are always looking for feedback on new formats and capabilities to co-develop. eBay is the world's largest marketplace with over 1 billion items on the site every single day, and VM gives us a variety of unique and industry leading ways to tell the eBay story.

Q: Can you share a little bit about eBay's history with testing specific ad formats and targeting on our platform?

A: We've had a really great relationship with Verizon Media over the years and have been early testers for several new formats and capabilities. We've seen some really great results with DPA (Dynamic Product Ads), Moments native ads and predictive audience targeting. What's been particularly interesting is being a part of building experiences that collapse the customer funnel - more direct response at the top of the funnel and beautiful branding at the bottom, all leveraging Verizon Media's first-party data to make it personalized and relevant to the users we're reaching.

Q: What is your approach to cross-device marketing efforts?

A: Our approach is anchored on 3 pillars. Customer-Centric vs. Channel Centric: Focus on the customer, where they are in their life cycle, and show them the most relevant and personalized message. Be Native, but consistent: Create native ad experiences that are complementary to the environment they're already in, but be consistent in how you speak to them across all your other touchpoints. Tracking is Key: Implementing cross-device tracking so that we're not losing our customers as they move through different experiences.

Q: What do you think makes the most successful app marketing campaigns?

A: I would say there are three fundamentals to getting your app marketing right.

First, understand your customer, your customer lifetime value, and be precise about what you're willing to pay for a new or existing user to download your app. The more granular you can be, the smarter and more creative you can get with your campaigns. For example, there is likely a specific segment that is more valuable to your business when they have your app and so you'll be willing to pay more for them through your paid media or even incentivize them to download your app with an in-app only coupon.

Second, strong creative clearly answering "the why". As in, "why should the new or existing customer download your app?" This is likely different depending on if you're going after a new customer vs. migrating an existing customer from a mobile or desktop experience into the app, so remember to be mindful and customize your messaging to your customer segments.

Finally, be persistent and consistent. By this I mean that if you're prioritizing driving customers into your app, make sure you have strong and relevant creative across your paid and owned marketing channels. Use every opportunity to get that highly coveted real estate on your customer's device.

Q: What advances in commerce and mobile technology have created an opportunity to drive more meaningful relationships with your customers?

A: We've seen a lot of innovation over the last few years, but if I had to pick just one thing I would say distributed commerce. By this I mean brands, like us at eBay, are building native, shoppable experiences that compliment a shopper's experience wherever they might be. Seamless, shoppable experiences where a potential shopper can read about a pair of shoes can click on the eBay item and then check out right then and there on that site, without ever leaving. Think, frictionless, easy, and native.

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Sadie Daryan will be joining Verizon Media's Missy Schnurstein, Head of Native Sales, in an informative "Commerce Advertising in a 5G World" panel at Programmatic I/O in San Francisco on April 30.