Looking back on our most popular blogs to help you move forward

With 2019 only a few days away, now's the ideal time for a first or second look at some of this year's most popular blogs. We've also included a few of our most-read blogs from the recent past. Happy New Year from everyone at Verizon Digital Media Services.

Top blogs of 2018

Live sports

How streaming live sports has forever changed the game
Win in the live streaming sports game. This blog discusses a live streaming service that helps you easily scale up your live sports capabilities to capture more viewers and revenue.


How fast can you patch? How to buy time during the next zero-day vulnerability
When it comes to patching, any delay is too long. Discover how a Web Application Firewall can protect against the latest application layer attacks, providing a virtual patch that can save your company significant investment and damage to its reputation.

Better CDN tile

CDN comparisons: How to get better performance from your website
When deciding on a CDN provider, one key factor to consider is third-party analyses. See how our CDN's performance outperforms other services across the U.S. and around the world.

Popular reads


Extend your workflow: The first step to become the broadcaster of tomorrow
In a fragmented viewing landscape, you must be able to reach viewers on any device and platform, anytime, anywhere. Read this blog to learn how to easily launch an over-the-top (OTT) service to capture more viewers today and tomorrow.

Adaptive HTTP streaming

HDS, HLS, HSS – Adaptive HTTP streaming demystified
The technology industry is overflowing with acronyms. Clear up three-letter confusion and learn about the advantages of a four-letter streaming format that enables superior viewing experiences on any device.

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