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When consumers head out to do their holiday shopping this year, they won’t be limiting themselves to the stores at the local mall. As e-commerce spending continues to outpace brick-and-mortar, mobile devices are being used not only to research brands and products, but also to make purchases in real-time. Marketers need to be ready to capitalize on this shift in shopping behavior with effective mobile ad solutions that own every moment.

The challenge: Shift mobile audiences from browsing to buying

Current estimates predict mobile commerce will make up 48% of all e-commerce sales this holiday season, up 28% over 2018 and representing nearly $70B in spending.1 Are you ready to meet your shoppers on their devices with the right message at the most optimal time?

Native ads are specifically designed to motivate shoppers along their mobile path to purchase. These ads appear within contexts that enhance the customer shopping experience by providing utility and encouraging exploration through their innovative formats. Retailers have used native ads to drive 35% greater engagement with 6X the ROAS vs. non-native formats,2 deepening connections between brands and consumers that can last well beyond the holiday push.

Matching the right format to your goals can present an additional challenge. Thankfully, Verizon Media leads the way in offering solutions that transform the mobile shopping experience and deliver measurable results for brands.

The solution: Engage shoppers with mobile ad units and features that offer utility

The following native ad formats are among the best options for advertisers looking to drive audiences from simply browsing to an intentional, buying mindset. Let’s take a look.

Dynamic Product Ads (DPAs)

Three out of every four shoppers abandon their cart before making a purchase online.3 DPAs are highly relevant formats that allow you to retarget consumers based on each user’s unique shopping history, serving them products they’ve already shown interest in. 

DPAs appear within a user’s feed, appearing alongside trusted Verizon Media content and automatically update based on your audience’s latest online behavior. DPAs pull creative assets from your existing product catalog, increasing your ad variety, saving you time, and helping you easily scale your campaigns. When shoppers need an extra nudge to buy your product, DPAs are personally relevant reminders delivered at the right moment.

Mobile wallet ads

Native ads can do more than simply showcase your product. Mobile wallet ads are true consumer-first utilities that transform your message into valuable coupons that can be added to a user’s digital wallet instantly. Once a user stores your coupon in their wallet, you can serve them lock-screen push notifications based on time and location to drive purchases along the funnel.

With 77% of consumers wanting their expired mobile coupons to automatically update with new offers, mobile wallet ads are an opportunity to evolve your messaging and deals in real-time.4 This format is optimized for the mobile experience, allowing users to tap, save, view, and engage with your brand across Verizon Media mobile sites and apps.

Moments ads

Mobile moments ads are the most comprehensive suite of immersive native features designed to drive deeper engagement with your audience. Moments ads consistently outperform pre-roll video in brand awareness, brand clarity, and likeability,5 and we’ve developed even more advanced features to help you own the moment this holiday season.

Reach over 200M unique visitors each month with moments ads delivered across leading Verizon Media apps such as Yahoo Sports and Yahoo Finance. No matter what your advertising goals may be, there’s a moments feature to help you achieve them:

  • Touchpoints - create interactive shoppable experiences with pins users can tap on to learn more (see image below).
  • Video - surprise and entertain users with full-screen vertical video takeovers.
  • Countdown - give your ads some urgency and display a clock ticking down to the end of your flash sale or daily deal.
  • Carousel - tell a brand story or feature multiple products using swipeable cards.
  • Panorama - showcase your product in 360-degrees and inspire user interaction.

360 Touchpoint Moments

Wherever your audience goes this holiday season, our native ad solutions will place your brand message at the fingertips of shoppers. Get in touch with Verizon Media to help your mobile campaigns turn shoppers into buyers this holiday season. 

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