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Mastering intention

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With so many platforms, devices, and content producers in today’s cluttered media landscape, how can you be sure your brand’s message will resonate with the right audience? You can start by aligning with intention. At Verizon Media, we deliver a better brand experience by using content moments fueled by passions and needs. For your brand, that means access to quality audiences ready to embrace your message, at scale. We’re masters of intention and you can be, too, through quality brand experiences that improve performance.


This is what intention looks like



These are the moments that drive people to Verizon Media

We all have moments in our day when our focus shifts from things that distract us to things that matter most in our lives. In a Verizon Media study conducted with more than 60K consumers and 118.5K content occasions captured across 15 countries, we identified 8 emotionally-driven moments that trigger content consumption and digital engagement.1  These are real human needs - the need to feel informed, the need to feel a part of a community, to feel secure, to feel pleasure, and to feel connected to others. 


Building for intention

Verizon Media focuses on building experiences that are intentionally designed to meet people’s real daily needs, making their lives more meaningful and productive. Organized into 5 content channels - Sports, Finance, Entertainment, News and Communications - our channels are comprised of 30 original and partner brands like TechCrunch, Yahoo Sports and Xbox.

Just like the real people seeking it out, our content is multidimensional. We understand the motivations behind moments of intention to create customized content that fulfills a variety of needs. 


Our brands and partners keep attention. That means you do too.

People seek out Verizon Media experiences with a mindset tuned to attention, not distraction. They engage deeply, both in terms of time spent and depth of interest. With their minds switched on and fueled by curiosity, our users engage with intention based on an active choice that feels meaningful and productive in the moment. That’s what makes our environments ideal for brands like yours.


Developing content customers can rely on

Knowing how people prefer to consume their content is important for not only engagement, but also for making a lasting impression. In a Verizon Media consumer study we found that users are 1.4x more likely to prefer premium over social media content, 2x more likely to prefer premium content over user generated, and 3x more likely to prefer premium over content from social media celebrities. 9


When looking for a client to work with on premium content, why not consider a trusted partner? In a third party Kantar Millward Brown study it was found that Verizon Media’s sites and audiences makes it an ideal channel for brands to promote premium integrations as it’s proven premium campaigns outperform competitors on key metrics that drive results for brands.



With Verizon Media, you can be there in the moments that matter most to your audience. Align your brand with premium content that earns consumer trust and helps your message stand out. Verizon Media builds for these moments of intention, resulting in more engaged users and better results for brands.

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