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Mastering intention: Knowledge is power for your brand

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With so many platforms, devices, and content producers in today’s cluttered media landscape, how can you be sure your brand’s message will resonate with the right audience? You can start by aligning with intention. At Verizon Media, we deliver a better brand experience by using content moments fueled by passions and needs. For your brand, that means access to quality audiences ready to embrace your message, at scale. We’re masters of intention and you can be, too, through quality brand experiences that improve performance.


This is what intention looks like



We all have moments in our day when our focus shifts from things that distract us to things that matter most in our lives. These moments of intention are based on real human needs - the need to feel informed,  the need to feel a part of a community, to feel secure, to feel pleasure, and to feel a connection.

In a Verizon Media study conducted with more than 60K consumers and 118.5K content occasions captured across 15 countries, we identified the moments that trigger fans to tune into our News category.


News Intentions graph


Programming for intentions

Knowing why our users come to our original and partner news channels, like Yahoo News and MSN, and how they consume content, we’re able to program based on needs to deliver compelling mobile content to roughly 1B people across the globe. 2


New programming chart


Yahoo News: The 360

Consumers are craving facts, transparency, and sources with no agenda. Yahoo News is a highly trusted impartial source. Yahoo News: The 360 offers deep-dives into the stories and issues of the day, curating diverse perspectives from premium partners like The Associated Press, Reuters, ABC News, AFP, USA TODAY, The Daily Beast, The Guardian, The Telegraph and Bloomberg News. The program also keeps users engaged with poll answers from loyal Yahoo News readers and snackable videos.  

Reach your brand MVPs

Catch the attention of those who seek to be informed, connected, and comforted. As video advertising opportunities evolve across more consumer devices, it’s pivotal to find content partners that are building to the industry's most brand-safe solutions and compelling stores at scale across all devices.

We’re making it easier for advertisers to integrate into our premium content. We offer data-informed content strategies, custom content through RYOT Studio, and sponsorships and in-show integrations to get you closer to the audience you want to reach.

With Verizon Media, you can be there in the moments that matter most to your audience. Align your brand with premium content that earns consumer trust and helps your message stand out. Verizon Media builds for these moments of intention, resulting in more engaged users and better results for brands.

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