Media Transformation in the Digital Era

Media Transformation in the Digital Era - Verizon Digital Media Services

DIG-INSIGHTS_Demands-of-media-transformationOver-the-top (OTT) and multiscreen services today give broadcasters valuable opportunities to boost brand awareness, build revenues and lead viewers to their linear channel offerings. To capitalize on such opportunities, however, broadcasters must implement a fast, cost-effective repurposing workflow that allows them to transform aired content for timely delivery via the social and digital media platforms that make video available on computers, tablets and smartphones.

For each output, the broadcaster must ensure that media accommodates the varying format, packing, metadata and container requirements of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and a host of other services, while maintaining compliance with closed-captioning regulations for internet-delivered content. The broadcaster also must incorporate targeted advertising into the media transformation workflow, leveraging data on ad markers and SCT-104/35 messages to facilitate accurate ad insertion.

Undertaking all of these processes via a manual approach is simply impossible, given the need for rapid clipping and creation of many versions of content. Automation thus is critical to effective content-generation for OTT and multiscreen services. As broadcasters have discovered, it is also an essential part of maintaining the quality of those services.

With an automated solution for logging and monitoring OTT services, broadcasters can ensure that services are available 24/7 at optimal quality, validate service level agreements with content delivery networks, confirm the presence of captioning and other metadata, and determine that specialized video-player apps are providing optimal quality of experience.

Our Volicon Media Intelligence service, now integrated into Verizon Digital Media Services’ end-to-end platform, is addressing the demands of media transformation in the digital era. Customers are leveraging the company’s industry-leading video capture, archive, compliance monitoring and clip-creation technology to provide broadcasters with an even broader range of tools for bringing high-quality content to the internet quickly via OTT-based delivery.

Volicon Media Intelligence service’s well-established Observer technology, already a part of daily monitoring and logging operations for broadcasters around the globe, has been extended to address the full range of media delivery outlets and services.

While the Share application for Observer Media Intelligence Platform® accelerates broadcasters’ content-generation workflow by facilitating fast, simple clipping and extraction of timely, high-value content without the need for technical staff, a nonlinear edit (NLE) system or media asset management (MAM) software, Volicon’s Observer-OTT offers broadcasters a complete, cost-effective quality monitoring and/or compliance logging solution for multi-platform media delivery.

Gary Learner, CTO at Volicon, part of Verizon Digital Media Services

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