Mobile E-Commerce catches up with mobile social media

Mobile E-Commerce catches up with Mobile Social Media

Currently, the biggest driver of mobile web usage seems to be social media. For example, earlier this year Mashable reported that 30% of all social media traffic originates on mobile devices.

But new data gathered by Mobify shows that mobile commerce might have caught up with social media as a traffic driver. Mobify‘s research shows that in the U.S., 31% of traffic to eCommerce sites originates from mobile devices.

This finding demonstrates the urgent need for e-commerce companies to adapt to the needs of mobile shoppers — or risk losing them altogether.

Strategically, this means device awareness as well as a sensitivity to the lower speeds at which most mobile users connect. Tactically, companies should use adaptive site designs to keep users engaged across all types of devices.

E-commerce brands can approach mobile optimization in two ways: deploying responsive site designs paired with server-based logic to minimize assets served to mobile users, or utilizing easy-to-use adaptive solutions (such as those offered by Mobify).

Anecdotal research within the Verizon Digital Media Services office has shown that the vast majority of our favorite online retailers are, indeed, addressing the issue of device diversity with mobile-optimized versions of their storefronts — predominantly choosing separate mobile optimized sites over responsive design.

For more insights on mobile shoppers’ habits worldwide, see the Mobify/Verizon Digital Media Services infographic below:


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