Mozilla and Verizon: building a better, faster Internet

Mozilla and Verizon: Building a Better, Faster Internet

At Mozilla, every second counts. For example, the Mozilla Firefox team found that shaving 2.2 seconds off the average page load time increased Firefox download conversions by 15.4% — which could result in 60 million additional Firefox downloads per year.

As a free software community responsible for some of the world’s most popular software, Mozilla has a massive audience for their live and pre-recorded shows, interviews, news snippets, and tutorials. This large community of media content has its home at Air Mozilla.

With a need to deliver this content to millions of its community members worldwide, Mozilla turned to Verizon Digital Media Services and its high-performance global streaming network.

In this interview, Air Mozilla’s Aleksandr Milewski explains how he uses Verizon’s world-class caching and acceleration network to ensure lightning-fast delivery times to end users, regardless of their device or location. “What I appreciate about Verizon Digital Media Services is the performance, the reliability, and the ease of integration,” says Milewski.

Verizon’s streaming platform also enables Air Mozilla to set up authentication around content based on a tiered system. “We’ve been using the secure token mechanisms in Verizon’s streaming very successfully”, explains Milewski, adding that it’s been “a delight getting our systems put together with Verizon Digital Media Services. All the scaling issues — be it 300 remote employees or 500 million Firefox users — go away with Verizon.”


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