An effective way to maximize user acquisition and minimize churn

John Reigart, Principal Product Manager, Verizon Media

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Pay TV services are under increasing pressure. New OTT services are appearing every month, resulting in concerns about subscription fatigue and available consumer spend. A recent study has found that there is room for three billion additional streaming subscriptions across all major media markets, which speaks to the opportunity for presenting consumers with more viewing options.¹ However, there remains the challenge of creating a competitive service and standing out in a crowded marketplace.

Verizon Media has partnered with Cleeng, a subscriber and retention management organization, to help content owners build, manage and grow successful subscription and transactional services across all of their targeted platforms and app stores that convert and retain viewers.

‍Flexible monetization to increase revenue

For content owners delivering OTT services, what works today may not work tomorrow. Consumers have an increasing number of choices and a decreasing tolerance for signing up for additional subscription services. Publishers require a platform that ensures they can adapt to these fast-changing market dynamics. With Cleeng, it is easy to stand up new subscription services, integrate with the most popular app stores and enable universal authentication across all of your targeted platforms. To help grow your audience, Cleeng provides must-have features, including:

  • Free trial periods
  • Flexible billing models
  • Coupon/redemption codes
  • Email and social authentication

Cleeng also supports mixed monetization models to enable subscriptions, rentals, PPV/one- time pass, and season pass services. Many publishers will mix in AVOD or free-to-air content to capture new viewers.

‍Improving customer retention

Acquiring and growing an audience is important; retaining that audience is critical. COVID-19’s impact on the streaming marketplace is well documented. Most services are seeing an increase in viewers as consumers experiment with both existing and emerging OTT services. The result is unprecedented viewership churn. While some of this is expected as viewer behaviors normalize, it’s important for today’s OTT services to understand their audience segments and ideally identify those at risk to churn before it happens.

By partnering with Cleeng, we can leverage their experience and data science to better predict and manage subscriber churn. Cleeng provides:

  • A clear understanding of the subscriber journey
  • Audience segmentation insights
  • Intelligent data decisioning
    • Trial campaigns
    • Dunning actions
    • Winback campaigns
    • Churn prevention campaigns
    • Upsell campaigns
    • Content promoting campaigns

‍Effective subscriber management

Cleeng Core, its churn analytics engine works seamlessly with the operational APIs at the heart of the subscriber management system. Cleeng Core provides:

  • Identity and access management (IAM): Accelerate sign-ups across devices, enrich user profiles and boost CRM capabilities.
  • Product entitlement: Enable complete control over who can access paid content, where they have access to it, and on the number of devices.
  • Subscription billing: Maximise subscription revenue via integrated payment gateways, flexible offers, promotions and global tax management.

The value of Cleeng’s integration into the Verizon Media Platform

As an extension partner, Cleeng plays a complementary role to the Verizon Media Platform. Together, we offer the core technologies combined with the flexibility required to compete in today's ultra-competitive OTT marketplace, including:

  • Flexible monetization solutions including authenticated free to air, ad monetization, SVOD, and PPV or a combination of all of these models.  
  • Support for live and VOD content and delivery
  • Subscriber management and retention services
  • Worldwide payment, language and support services

Cleeng is also pre-integrated with our app management partner, ensuring that time to market for multi-platform OTT services is as efficient and cost effective as possible.

Consumers are fickle. They love your OTT service today. They’re switching to another one tomorrow. With the cost of acquiring a new customer 6-7x more expensive than retaining an existing one, Cleeng’s integration into the Verizon Media Platform is an invaluable tool to help you retain current viewers, maximize content and customer lifetime value and reduce costs.² Visit our website for additional information about all our integrations partners.

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¹ OTT churn rate hits 41% in Q1 2020, RapidTVNews.com, June 30, 2020

² Retaining Customers vs. Acquiring Customers, Americanexpress.com, November 21, 2019