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New innovation plays for the return of sports

New Innovations for Sports

Like a championship-winning touchdown drive in the final minute, the return of sports in 2020 is a comeback for the ages. While crowd-less games and bubble environments may give sports a different look and feel, there’s no denying their fans’ excitement for action. 

Just as sports are changing how they’re played to evolve with the times, fans are changing how they watch. Viewing habits for live sports and sports content have shifted dramatically, with a 70% jump in cord-cutting equaling 1.6 million lost subscribers for pay TV. Even ESPN has seen a 41% year-over-year decline in viewership. And sadly for fans, even as unemployment and economic uncertainty skyrocket, the average cable bill is still $217. 

Fans want a simpler solution, and they want it at their #1 foam fingertips.

Enter Yahoo Sports into the content starting lineup. It’s everything fans expect from Pay TV and more, without the cost. Fast, frictionless and on-demand, Yahoo Sports reaches 1 in 4 users in the U.S. each month, increasingly becoming the first screen sports experience for cord-cutters and the home of the most engaging Fantasy Sports platform in the game.

Our fans expect more, which is why they come to us for innovation. With Yahoo Sports, you don’t just get highlights - you get live games that become co-viewing experiences. The new Yahoo feature Watch Together gives fans the ability to invite up to three friends or family members to watch a synchronized livestream of NFL games on their phones at the same time. The interactive features of this virtual experience make fans more connected to the action, and to each other. 

Beyond the box score, we’re enhancing our game center experience with Yahoo Sports PlayAR, which leverages real-time NFL Next Gen Stats data to provide augmented reality graphical replays of game action. Fans can download the Yahoo Sports app on iOS and Google Play to watch live NFL games all season long. 

When fans aren’t watching their favorite teams, they’re obsessing over their fantasy squads on the world’s most innovative fantasy experience. In fact, Yahoo Sports Fantasy is the only app that lets you play and watch live games at the same time. 

Yahoo Sports has everything fans and partners need to be the first choice during the sports restart and beyond. See what other innovations we’re working on to change the game this season and beyond. Watch now. 

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