Now Streaming: Episode 3, Smarter Advertising with The Smarts, A Show About Smartplay by Verizon

Now Streaming: Episode 3, Smarter Advertising with The Smarts, a Show about Smartplay by Verizon

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Today we release the newest episode of The Smarts, a web series about Smartplay, our 1 to 1 session management technology.

In episode 3, Bob and Ted at Acme TV Online are under pressure to find smarter ways to increase their revenue. See how Smartplay helps them target exactly the right ad to their viewers to improve ad completion rates and drive higher CPMs.

Want to learn more about how Smartplay enables smarter advertising? Download our infographic.

Be sure to visit The Smarts show page to view past episodes and get a deeper dive with our Tech Talks.

Contact us to set up a demo of Smartplay in action.

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