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Performance analysis testUsers visit your website expecting a flawless, speedy experience. No matter what content is loading on the page, they're not going to wait around for it to appear. Google, for example, aims for their websites to load under half a second. And in 2018, they will be ranking sites according to how fast they load on mobile; ideally websites should load in under three seconds. You can take our site performance test here.

Businesses today put a sharp focus on their Content Delivery Network (CDN) providers and constantly compare CDN speeds because every second counts. A faster website leads to improved user experiences, which then lead to increased return visits and conversions. In short, a faster website equates to increased revenue. Users don’t give second chances.

So how can you ensure that you’re reaching your website's maximum potential? The best way is to understand how fast, or not, it is. Cue our site performance test.

Hate tests? Don't worry, there's no studying involved. All we need is a few seconds of your time (just long enough to fill out a brief form), and we'll give you a full breakdown. Our tool measures a single static object to reflect the overall performance of your site/application. We'll help you pinpoint where you leave money on the table, including how DNS, Connect Time, Time to First Byte, Response Times can affect your website.

How does it work on our end? First, you give us your information and the URL to your website. We take that information and perform a quick broad analysis to determine which image to use for the full detailed breakdown. In 24 hours, you'll receive a 25-page analysis report detailing your site's performance with your current CDN provider and see a CDN network comparison of how your website will perform with our Edgecast CDN.

Results of the site performance test will be split into two parts: a full-page analysis and a single-object test. It will take a snapshot of your full page, with measurements of the following values: number of items on the web page, number of hostnames used to render the web page, number of connections to download all the objects, total downloaded bytes and document completion time. In addition to the snapshot full-page test, we will also have a more in-depth test on a single object that you will initially select when filling out the initial form.

The results of our test should provide you with enough information and insights for you to compare CDNs, make smarter decisions and see how our Edgecast CDN can speed up your website.

Take the site performance test now or contact us for more information.

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