Custom SSL, Powered by Verizon Digital Media Services, Now on Microsoft Azure

Custom SSL, Powered by Verizon Digital Media Services, Now on Microsoft Azure - Verizon Digital Media Services

DIG-INSIGHTS_Microsoft-AzureVerizon Digital Media Services is excited to announce that customers using the Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN) can now enjoy custom domain HTTPS support powered by Verizon Digital Media Services’ Edgecast Content Delivery Network. Use of HTTPS helps to accelerate digital content and to protect sensitive information from being intercepted during transit. Prior to this feature, the Azure CDN supported secure delivery for Azure-provided domains, e.g., https://contoso.azureedge.net. With custom domain HTTPS, customers can now provide secure delivery for their own custom domains, such as https://www.contoso.com.

Feature highlights include:

  • Security. Verizon Digital Media Services designed the feature using SHA-256 hosted SAN certificates issued by DigiCert. SHA-256 is currently one of the strongest hashes available to protect online content.
  • No additional costs. There are no additional costs for certificate acquisition or renewal; only pay for GB egress from the Azure CDN.
  • Simple enablement. Enjoy one-click provisioning from within the Azure portal CDN blade.
  • Complete certificate management. All aspects of certificate management, i.e., procurement, provisioning and renewal, are handled by the Azure CDN, removing the risk of service interruption due to certificate expiry.
  • Performance. Third-party benchmark consistently rates our CDN SSL delivery as one of the fastest.

This feature is currently available on the Azure CDN platform in Verizon Standard and Premium tiers.

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