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Built by a publisher for publishers, our industry-leading video exchange connects your platform with hundreds of advertisers. We process over a trillion ad requests, and sell over 40B impressions each month, with 50+ third-party DSP integrations, including access to the Verizon Media DSP.

Best in class ops & yield team

Our ops & yield teams are dedicated to increasing your revenue, and driving demand for your supply. We actively source deal opportunities with our buyers, manage deal creation, and optimize performance of those packages. We know this is a manual, painful process and we have deep expertise and robust teams devoted to deals.

Expert sales team and packaging

We know what type of inventory our buyers want, what advertisers perform well across verticals, and how to package supply for maximum CPMs and buyer ROI. Combined with machine learning algorithms, world class targeting thanks to our proprietary data, and dedicated optimization teams, we ensure optimal campaign performance for our advertiser and publisher partners.


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