How to prepare for iOS 14 and its impact on app monetization

How to prepare for iOS 14 and its impact on app monetization

Just when we thought 2020 was done handing out surprises, Apple announced its iOS 14 update that will enable a tracking prompt system to elevate users’ control over access to their mobile advertising IDs on an app-by-app basis. App developers have until early 2021 to make the necessary changes and updates to their app properties; however, this update offers complications for app developers who rely on ad revenue and advertisers looking to target advertising campaigns. In fact, just earlier this year, the IAB predicted that the end of ad tracking could mean a shift between $32 billion and $39 billion of advertising and ecosystem revenue away from the open web by 2025.2 With ad integrations accounting for over 75% of total revenue for non-gaming publishers,3 this change will substantially affect mobile advertising as we know it. 

At Verizon Media, we are constantly evolving our products and services while protecting end users’ privacy, as well as keeping the best interests of our advertisers and partners in mind.  We’re approaching this update with the same goals in mind, while helping publishers and app developers meet the challenge. 

To start, Verizon Media acted quickly to help your mobile apps be compliant with iOS 14. A new version 1.8.0 of the Verizon Ads SDK is available to download today. While v1.8.0 is a mandatory upgrade release, it also ensures compliance with iOS 14, if you wish to continue serving ads to iOS14 users.  

Apple is introducing SKAdNetwork to track app installs from ad campaigns. Though the scope is limited to only displayed in-app ads that drive app installs within the Apple store, the IAB’s new spec and openRTB extension can set the path for programmatic advertising and iOS 14. Our team is tracking this closely and we’re also digging into alternative targeting and monetization solutions within the Verizon Media end-to-end tech stack and will be sharing more details in a future blog post. 

Here’s how you can take action today: 

  • Apps are responsible for crafting the language in their alert message. Similar to our approach for GDPR consent text, we suggest you make this message clear, easy to understand, and highlight that opting in is beneficial to the user or their experience in-app. Here’s what it could look like: 
    SDK Steps
  • Update to the Verizon Ads SDK v1.8.0 to ensure your app remains available in the app store and can continue serving advertising on iOS 14 users. Get started now.

Verizon Media is a publisher too and is actively gathering learnings and best practices when it comes to scale, targeting, CRM onboarding, campaign delivery, and optimization. We will share our learnings with you as information becomes available. In the meantime, download the Verizon Ads SDK v1.8.0 to ensure you are compliant in the app store today. As always, connect with your Verizon Media representative if you have any questions. 


IOS is a trademark or registered trademark of Cisco in the U.S. and other countries and is used under license.



1 The open web is an ecosystem of publishers and marketing technology firms operating collaboratively to serve the customer acquisition and retention needs of brands. It competes with firms like Google, Amazon, and Facebook, which offer self-contained solutions to brands.
2 (The Socio-Economic Impact of Internet Tracking, IAB 2020)
3 (Ad Colony, 2017) 

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