Product Spotlight: Verizon's DNS --proven to be the world's fastest DNS service--

Verizon's DNS -- World's Fastest DNS Service (July 2014)

When we launched our DNS service last October, we introduced it as the world’s fastest DNS product.

And what we proved back then with internal testing has now been confirmed by outside third parties. Just last week, SolveDNS published their July 2014 DNS Speed Comparison Report — ranking the Verizon Digital Media Services DNS as the #1 “fastest managed DNS service across the world.”


Graphic by SolveDNS

What’s the secret behind the performance of Verizon’s DNS service? Our massive global IP Anycast network that consists of POPs in most major metros across four continents and low-latency proximity to almost every broadband user in the world.

Verizon’s content delivery network is vastly over-provisioned relative to traffic volume and capable of large numbers of queries. It is also highly reliable — ensuring resolution of DNS queries 100% of the time.

Paired with superior performance, Verizon’s DNS allows customers to:

  • Manage their DNS zones
  • Verify a server’s capability to fulfill requests through worldwide health checks
  • Load balance application traffic
  • Establish a failover system that prevents interruptions to their web applications and site infrastructure
  • Prevent cache poisoning attacks
  • Mitigate distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks on their servers by leveraging Verizon Digital Media Services’ distributed DNS network and technologies


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