Protect Your Website with Verizon's Cloud-Based Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Verizon's Cloud-Based WAF Keeps Site Safe

Hackers are constantly trying to exploit potential weak spots in your website and web applications. To protect your web properties against numerous types of malicious attacks you need to use the cloud-based Web Application Firewall (WAF) from Verizon Digital Media Services.

The Verizon WAF is part of a suite of website security offerings. It is designed to provide a high degree of protection against cybercriminals, hacktivists and organizations attempting cyber espionage against your website and web applications.

Because our WAF is cloud-based, there is no need to purchase hardware in a data center and no need to hire IT staff to maintain it. Let us take care of securing and delivering your content while you focus on running your business.

Our cloud-based WAF utilizes ModSecurity — the most widely deployed WAF technology worldwide. We provide two different ModSecurity rulesets that individually or in combination can identify and protect against a wide range of application layer attacks. This includes the generalized ruleset from OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) Core Ruleset and the Commercial Ruleset from Trustwave.

Our WAF is embedded directly into all of our ACCELERATE and TRANSACT CDN PoPs (points of presence) — 80+ locations across 5 continents. This enables us to deliver the scalability and performance you require to support your growing business needs.

And unlike other enterprise-class WAFs running in the Cloud the Verizon WAF employs a self-service portal that enables you to both setup and apply updates to all of the features of your WAF without the need for professional services. In fact, changes to your WAF configuration can be deployed globally to 5 continents within ~2 to 5 minutes. The ability to apply updates so quickly decreases your risk of exposure to new vulnerabilities — up to 900% faster than our major competitor.

The same self-service portal also allows you to control (via the Verizon Rules Engine) which elements of your CDN traffic to process through the WAF and which WAF rules and configuration settings to apply on a segmented basis.

Use the Verizon WAF to monitor, detect and protect against malicious attacks against your website and web applications. No other cloud-based WAF stacks up. Here are just a few differentiating features of our WAF:

  • Deployed a massively scalable and distributed global infrastructure
  • A self-service web-based portal that gives you complete control over your WAF
  • Most complete cloud-based implementation of a ModSecurity WAF
  • WAF rules and configuration changes pushed out globally in ~2-5 minutes — up to 900% faster than our major competition
  • Granular-level control over which CDN traffic is processed by your WAF — and which rules are applied to individual traffic subsets

Sign up for a free security risk assessment today and see how Verizon’s WAF can secure your website.

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