Purple and Verizon Media make mobile magic in their sleep

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At a glance

Goal: Drive online sales and brand awareness among new prospects and active mattress shoppers on mobile.

Solution: Dream up some of the most innovative ad formats the industry has ever seen to bring consumers closer to bedtime with Purple.

Results: The campaign surpassed ROAS benchmark by 130%.

Innovation from A to Zzzs

As a leading disruptor in the mattress industry, Purple has always occupied a different side of the digital marketing bed than its competitors. The brand’s quirkily comedic voice and boundary-pushing user experience have put customers in a dreamlike state for years, and Purple cozied up with Verizon Media to drive even more engagement with shoppers of all ages. Using the immersive native ad unit Moments, the Purple campaign delivered a portfolio of unique ad experiences that communicated the science behind their products’ comfort to drive performance.

Leaving no pillow unturned

Mattress shoppers might spend 8 hours a day sleeping, but Purple knows they spend the other 16 exploring their digital worlds. That’s why Purple expanded its targeting capabilities via Predictive Audiences and Verizon Media’s first-party custom audience segments to reach consumers across formats with a consistently fun message.

Shoppers who saw the Purple campaign were woken up to some of the most innovative uses of mobile formats in the industry. Through interactive native ad placements, Purple brought users into its Mattress Lab, a 360-degree Panoramic experience detailing the technology behind (and inside) Purple mattresses. The campaign also used gamified native tiles to bring the “human egg test” to life on mobile. 

Results brands dream of

Purple’s Moments ads increased conversion lift. Thanks to Verizon Media’s robust targeting opportunities, Purple blew both their prospecting  and retargeting goals out, with display ads delivering an improved ROAS. 

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