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Campaign Spotlight: RYOT Studio shows that love is in the hair with “Celebrate Their Crown”

Campaign Spotlight: RYOT Studio “Celebrate Their Crown”

The story of hair goes far beyond color and curls. For so many young people, hair love is tied to self-love, and empowering them to express themselves through their unique style is the key to spreading hair positivity and messages of acceptance for families of all kinds.

That’s the inspirational message behind “Celebrate Their Crown,” an innovative new content series developed by RYOT Studio on behalf of hair care specialist, Pantene. The campaign features stories of LGBTQ+ families with adopted children and the haircare rituals that bring them together through custom-written pieces and how-to videos. Each intimate portrait not only gives you insights on healthy hair tips, but reveals the unique and often challenging process these parents went through to start their families.

In all, RYOT Studio created 3 custom-written pieces featuring hero brand videos and animation. At the center of the experience is an interactive map bringing you deeper into the world of these amazing families through video interviews, photos, and shoppable hairstyles. With 68% of consumers wanting to interact with written content to discover what’s most important, RYOT Studio helped tell these crucial stories of diversity and inclusion in highly innovative ways.1

Verizon Media and RYOT Studio lead with innovation to bring your brand’s stories of the heart to audiences at a time when they’re needed most. Check out the “Celebrate Their Crown” hub here

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Source: Verizon Media, Omnibus Study, 2020

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