Scaling advertising campaigns across the digital video ecosystem

Scaling Advertising Campaigns and Ad Tech Trends (Interview)

Interview with Matthew Bartholomew, Vice President of Core Systems, Mixpo

What are the latest ad tech and multi-screen video trends?

Multiscreen advertising is growing. According to Mixpo’s 2013 Multiscreen Video Advertising Report, 96% of media companies and 90% of agencies expect to run a multiscreen video campaign in 2013. In terms of specific ad units, we’re seeing high demand for interactive and non-interactive (VPAID/VAST) in-stream ads. We expect demand for these ad units to continue to explode. Advertisers are also looking to run video ads across social networks.

Mixpo allows marketers to deliver compelling and appropriate content across devices while providing comprehensive analytics to master all of the above challenges. Our platform compliments in-stream ad units as well as features the SocialBlaster and PowerShare tools that help advertisers extend their video ad campaigns across all major social sites.

Why does web performance matter for Mixpo?

Performance matters to Mixpo because our ad units often have multiple media items stacked in a 15 to 30 second timeline. To ensure a great experience for end users, all media items must load quickly and precisely.

How do loading times impact engagement and reach?

Engagement rates trend lower with slower loading times. Simply put, if media doesn’t load, users will not engage, and publishers won’t get the impressions, clicks and engagement that their clients count on.

How does video delivery performance support monetization models for publishers and agencies?

With today’s pricing models like Cost Per View (CPV) and “true view” (pay only when viewers choose to watch), video delivery performance can have a huge impact on a publisher’s campaigns. Reliable asset delivery is the foundation of solid ad performance.

How does Mixpo’s platform enable scalable video ad creativity?

Mixpo’s web based ad creation platform allows users to create a single ad tag for their dynamic video ad campaigns. Our high performance platform allows ad creators to tailor each video ad using specific triggers such as DMA (designated market area), Day Parting, or even data feeds like the weather.

With the use of web-based technologies such as Flash and JavaScript, designers have created industry recognized (award winning) ad units within the Mixpo platform. For example, two of our ads were winners in the IAB Digital Video Rising Stars competition this year.

What are the most important challenges you see and solve for clients moving forward?

The most important trends certainly are always-on video ads that can be published in a scalable manner as well as constant ad optimization through deep analytics.

Our clients rely on the Mixpo platform to deliver fast and reliable ad units. We provide an easy to use ad-creation web tool which allows clients to create and publish an online video ad with a few clicks.

Once a video ad goes live, our clients rely on Mixpo’s data analysis tools to spot trends and even fraud. This helps agencies and publishers make optimizations which will yield better ad performance.

About Mixpo

Mixpo provides the best video advertising solutions for Media Companies and Agencies. We have the most advanced cross screen capabilities, most responsive and reliable technology and service, and the broadest and deepest data insights. We furnish Big Data insights including ad verification and campaign performance segmented by DMA, audience, and mobile device.

In 2013, Forbes named Mixpo one of America’s Most Promising Companies. The IAB selected Mixpo as a winner of its Digital Video Rising Stars competition. Mixpo is was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Seattle, with offices in New York, Boston, and Victoria BC.

Mixpo has been a Verizon Digital Media Services client since August 2011.

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