Scope Release Event 2, Phase 3

New Release Event 2

Scope Release Event 2, Phase 3

Dedicated Hackers,

Phase 3: Wrap Up and Awards This marks the end of our second scope release event. A big THANK YOU to everyone who participated in this landmark event for our program. We continue to try to make Bug Bounty more interesting and more accessible. Below is our list of awards for everyone who participated, including the most valuable hackers, who will receive invitations to our next available HackerOne live hacking event.

Participation Awards

A special thank you to all 36 hackers who participated in this event: 0xd0m7, aaron_costello, abhiramsita, arbenn, dragonjar, dudez, emperor, europa, foobar7, hide_khan, hussein_ayub, jaimaakali, khizer47, kphaks, lanzay, leonishan, m0rph1n3e, mason357, mikkocarreon, modam3r5, narenp, ngocdh, night_hacker, pablov, prayas, root1995, sameerphad72, samoria02, sherlocksecure, sniper302, ubepkr, udhayaisro, x1m, yumi

Most Valuable Hackers

These were our most valuable hackers, who will each receive an invitation to our next available live hacking event.

  • ngocdh
  • modam3r5

We also have something special for our runners-up. Look for another email with more details from us:

  • ngocdh
  • kphaks
  • dudez
  • yumi

Up Next…

Our Bug Bounty team will be at the third annual Security day hosted by HackerOne. If you are planning to attend, come say hi! [ flyingtoasters, zomsnack, mark_litchfield ]

Happy Hacking,

The Paranoids
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