Secure Your Users' Trust with a Website Designed with Security in Mind

Site Design with Security in Mind

Don’t let cyber attacks threaten your users’ trust and your bottom line. See how Verizon’s Web and Commerce Acceleration Solutions can help keep your websites and web applications safe and secure.

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Securing your website against cyber attacks is a serious matter. Once your website has been compromised, it can be difficult to bounce back. According to a USA Today survey, 24 percent of Americans stopped buying online because of data breaches at Target, eBay and other companies; 56 percent of users reduced the overall number of internet websites they visited. Users place their trust in you, so your ability to safeguard their information affects not only your revenue, but your reputation too. Let’s put it this way: 700 million compromised records cost up to $400 million in lost revenue, according to the Verizon 2015 Data Breach Investigations Report. This is exactly why you need cloud-based website security to keep your websites fast and your web applications protected.

Between online retailers, financial institutions, governmental or regulated industries, technology companies and healthcare services, there’s a lot of information being processed online. Attackers will stop at nothing to steal sensitive data, personal identities and credit card information. And since the cyber threat landscape continues to evolve, website owners and designers need to be aware of any new cyber threat trends. In 2014, 79,790 security incidents and 2,122 confirmed data breaches were reported in 61 countries, according to the Verizon report. Many of the targeted victims were from the public, information and financial services sectors.

Attackers are getting smarter and more creative with their attacks. Different types of attackers (hackers, activists, organized criminals and state-affiliated groups) have various reasons for committing their crimes:

  • Hackers have three basic motives: the ones that do it for fun, the malicious ones who purposefully exploit weaknesses, and the ones who do both.
  • Activists are numerous and motivated. Their attacks are designed to maximize disruption and embarrassment for their victims.
  • Organized criminals operate with financial gain in mind. They use sophisticated techniques and will not hesitate to steal valuable data.
  • State-affiliated groups are the most sophisticated and commit very targeted attacks. They are relentless about getting what they want: intellectual property, financial data or insider information.

According to Hackmageddon.com, 55.2 percent of attacks in April 2015 were due to cyber crimes. These crimes included: stealing and leaking information, scraping data, capturing intellectual property, running extortion rackets, defacing websites, making websites unavailable and much more. What’s more alarming is how fast these types of attacks occur. In 60 percent of the cases Verizon studied, victims were compromised in just minutes!

Verizon Digital Media Services’ lightning-fast content delivery network helps you operate your websites and web applications with confidence. Our security measures include a cloud-based Web Application Firewall, origin cloaking, DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) defenses at both the infrastructure and application layers, a highly secure Domain Name System (DNS), and content security that includes support for X.509 certificates, such as SSL and TLS.

Here are just a few ways Verizon can provide peace of mind for your websites and web applications:

  • Our IP Anycast DNS is one of the fastest DNS solutions available and is designed to increase the likelihood that your website can always be found.
  • Strong DDoS protection automatically identifies and prevents malicious attacks to keep your website available for business.
  • Our Web Application Firewall (WAF) delivers the most comprehensive cloud-based version of ModSecurity, according to Trustwave. It is also the most widely deployed WAF technology worldwide. It enables you to control what traffic is inspected by the WAF and what rules are applied to protect your web applications.
  • Origin cloaking protects against direct-to-origin attacks.
  • A range of X.509 (TLS) certificates, including shared, dedicated and customer supplied, keeps your content safe and optimized for great performance.
  • Token-based authentication and top-notch encryption prevents access to your content from unauthorized users or websites attempting to hotlink your content or leverage your bandwidth.
  • Automated systems monitor and identify suspicious patterns to reroute bad actors.
  • The Verizon TRANSACT product is purpose-built for commerce and includes PCI Level 1 compliance and front-end optimization features for better search engine optimization rankings and website scores.

Keeping your website secure and helping you maintain user trust is what Verizon does best. The Web Acceleration Solution and Commerce Acceleration Solution power flawless, secure and uninterrupted experiences on every device. Now, you can benefit from higher conversion rates and a healthier bottom line.

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