Catch our highlights from Advertising Week New York

Guru Gowrappan and Serena Williams on stage at Advertising Week NY 2019

From discussing the evolution of both personal and corporate brands to how 5G is poised to transform media and content experiences - it was an exciting week of panels for Verizon Media leaders and our colleagues at Advertising Week NY. Discussions took both personal and thought-provoking turns as topics covered areas such as transparency, corporate responsibility, adtech innovation, brand safety, and brand building.

Take a look at this quick video featuring some highlights from our presence at Advertising Week NY.



And a further glimpse behind the Verizon Media panels at Advertising Week NY.

Stepping Outside of the Arena

How can brands and public figures maintain their core strengths while expanding their scope to new territories? Olympic Tennis Athlete & Entrepreneur, Serena Williams, and Verizon Media CEO, Guru Gowrappan, shared an intimate fireside chat about the evolution of their brands.

The Future is Transparent: Building Trust in AdTech

Why does transparency matter? Because marketers and consumers demand it. Industry leaders discussed how the evolution of the media ecosystem impacts programmatic strategy.

Grabbing Headlines: The Intersection of Trust & News

Increasingly, consumers place attention on news that is credible, reliable and trusted. When fake news takes over, it puts brand safety at risk. Thought-leaders from Bank of America, HuffPost and Yahoo News discussed maintaining a reliable information ecosystem for better business and society.

Trust In Innovation: Disruptive Brands in a 5G World

5G is poised to transform media and content experiences. Leading marketers discussed what it takes to create trendsetting, brand building work today and what that will mean for the future in a world of 5G.

And that's a wrap for 2019...until we meet again next year.

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