See How We Delivered Custom Branded OTT Applications -- In Only Three Days

Delivering Custom Branded OTT Applications in 3 Days

Getting apps on all the devices needed to launch a new OTT video service can be a major challenge. It’s not a simple matter of building the apps, it also means having to update them as operating systems upgrade. This could leave companies having to maintain teams of engineers. This is why many companies chose to work with Verizon Digital Media Services.

Verizon invited content owners to challenge us to launch custom branded OTT apps on iOS, Android, Xbox and Roku– in only 72 hours. We launched and powered apps for the following companies as part of our challenge:

  • Contend — A content creation studio for brands and publishers.
  • The Los Angeles Times — The largest metropolitan daily newspaper in the country.
  • CineSport — A leading syndicator of online sports video news and features.

Contend’s new app, featuring on-demand entertainment, including talk shows, a multi-episode series and original features, is now available for download. See what Contend had to say about our challenge.

The 72-Hour Challenge showcases how Verizon has revolutionized and streamlined the online video business. How did we do what takes the competition months to accomplish, in only three days?

  • One end-to-end solution — Our Broadcast/OTT Solution is the industry’s first and only solution to power video from content to experience. Customers don’t have to work with multiple vendors to prepare, deliver and display their content because we do it all!
  • Single format encoding — We don’t believe in duplicating efforts. With Verizon, you can reach all devices and platforms with one video format.
  • Digiflare — We partnered with Toronto-based app developer, Digiflare, to build the apps for iOS, Android, Xbox and Roku.

Learn more about our 72-Hour Challenge or sign up to try it yourself. Let’s transform your digital content into seamless experiences for the whole world to enjoy.

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