Solving for an uncertain data future

Concerns over the use of personal information have been mounting for a long time. A recent survey by Verizon Media and Magna/IPG Media Lab showed that 87 percent of consumers are concerned about data privacy1, with their biggest concern being identity theft. We all need to do a better job of educating people about the information that's being collected, how it's used, and their ability to protect their personal data. Here’s how we’re providing the solutions that advertisers need to tackle this ever-changing landscape:


The Walled Garden Advantage

As a “walled garden”, we are uniquely positioned to see customers' activities across multiple dimensions. Instead of storing cookies, we assign unique IDs to consumers who've chosen to authenticate and opted in to personalized data uses. These IDs allow us to capture consumer activity on each device and build a unified profile of their interests, habits, and preferences, which in turn allows for greater personalization and relevance.


Independent Partnerships

But unlike typical walled gardens, we are integrated with all major measurement providers, allowing for independent measurement of brand safety, fraud, and campaign performance. This gives buyers the ability to choose and work with trusted measurement partners – an important part of fostering trust across publishers, agencies, and brands.


The Verizon Media Identity Graph

Our identity graph goes way beyond the cookie, with diverse, consent-based data at its core. It ingests deterministic data from direct consumer relationships across diverse touchpoints to enable relevant advertising, while maintaining our commitment to consumer choice and privacy. Advertisers can benefit from proprietary insights like demo reach and frequency, brand and sales lift studies, location, and incrementality.

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