The Atlantic: Ensuring speed and accuracy in digital publishing

How The Atlantic Stays Fast and Accurate

In the fast-moving world of news publishing, the ability to quickly update or edit stories is a critical business need. Whether it’s to fix an inaccuracy or update a fast-moving story as it develops, stale or inaccurate information can have a serious reputational impact.

In some cases, a mistake is (unintentionally) funny and perceived as ‘wonderful’ (like the ‘Test Kitten’ of Chicago Tribune front page fame) but in many cases, such things can have a damaging effect on a publisher’s brand.

And in today’s hyper-connected world, reporting stale, incomplete, or inaccurate information can have a rippling effect far beyond the original news outlet. Global markets react in milliseconds to breaking news stories while media organizations increasingly quote Tweets and bloggers to stay ahead.

For established publishing brands, keeping a breaking story fresh and accurate is both a differentiator and challenge.

That’s why the power to quickly replace or update (“purge”) content from edge servers is extremely important for reputable media brands such as The Atlantic. While other CDNs serve stale or outdated content for extended periods of time, Verizon Digital Media Services completes most purges in seconds with its “Piranha Purge” feature.

“Whether it’s quickly updating a breaking story or correcting inaccuracies, fast updates go a long way in preserving credibility and trust.” says Tom Cochran, CTO of Atlantic Media, one of the oldest and most respected brands in journalism. The Atlantic is trusted by millions to deliver bold thinking on the world’s most intriguing topics.

“Piranha Purge is a tool that’s extremely valuable in a breaking news world,” says Cochran.

Of course, overall performance is critical as well. Keeping a media brand fresh and relevant — and keeping readers coming back — requires delivering world-class digital experiences. Atlantic Media is demonstrating industry leadership with their bold and powerful content, and supporting it with the digital infrastructure necessary to keep their content fast, fresh, and reliable. We’re very pleased to be serving this world-class brand.

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