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We’re building the industry’s most brand-safe video content. We know trusted content is table stakes for our advertisers, with privacy concerns, fake news, and misinformation on the rise. Verizon Media is the #1 platform for premium video, with more unique visitors across ads in premium environments than any other network1. We offer 2.7B monthly video views and over 450 hours of live monthly programming including highly sought-after content like NFL and NBA.2


Professionally-produced content at scale

Where our competitors have focused on user-generated content (UGC), we offer huge reach across professionally-produced programming, in categories such as fashion and lifestyle, news, sports and entertainment. Run brand-safe video campaigns at scale, without worrying about where your ads appear, or how that might harm your brand. In fact, 88% of brands agree that advertising next to premium content is safer than UGC.3




Extended reach through premium 3rd parties

Through the Verizon Media DSP, we offer advertisers access to our Video Ad Network of over 900 distribution partners. It’s 100% publisher transparent across premium content partners including Conde Nast and Time, along with connected TV inventory across major networks and platforms, including Discovery and ABC.


1Source: ComScore, Video Matrix, US, Multi-plat, Jan 2020, Top 100 Video Properties, Content

2Source: Verizon Media internal data, 2019

3Source: ComScore, Video Matrix, US, Multi-plat, Jan 2020, Top 100 Video Properties, Content


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