The Indianapolis Colts -- Delivering Passion With Superior Performance

The Indianapolis Colts -- Delivering Passion with Performance

As a mega sports brand, the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts understand the importance of speed and performance. With an incredibly engaged and loyal fan base that consumes content on every device imaginable, down time is not an option.

Delivering a 24/7/365 experience

For adoring fans everywhere, the Colts represent more than just a sports team; being a Colts fan is an always-on experience, a 24/7/365 way of life. That type of passion demands the online experience to follow suit.

“Providing content is very important to us. We truly believe that this is a year round sport”, says Stephanie Pemberton, Sr. Director of Marketing. “We understand that the actual season happens within a span of a few months, but keeping our fans engaged year round is so important.” That’s why the Colts were one of the first NFL teams to push content across multiple platforms and engage fans anywhere, anytime.

Connecting with fans, across devices

Whether spotlighting a player, a coach or a free agent signing, the Colts understood that live streaming was a new channel for premium content delivery. With the rise of multiple devices and screens, connecting to fans in real-time via live streaming was essential.

“We have a lot of great technologies at our disposal. One of them that we really utilize is our live streaming”, says Dan Plumlee, Digital Director. “We find that the fans don’t want to wait for that to be videoed, taken to tape, and then served up five hours later. They want to consume that content in real time.”

Delivered fast and reliably by Verizon Digital Media Services, Colts fans can watch live streams and interact on their device of choice, on their own terms. And when they do, their engagement and brand loyalty skyrockets.

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