The Positive Performance Impact of a Dual CDN Strategy

The Positive Performance Impact of a Dual CDN Strategy

If your technology is ‘Changing the Rules of Business’ (according to Wired), then you are certainly serious about maximizing web performance.

For Optimizely, page load time has never been more important. Its rule changing technology relies on snippets that are loaded along with the pages being tested. Dogan Ugurlu, software engineer at Optimizely, explains on the company’s blog:

Any third party code snippet you add to a web page will impact its overall load time. This is because, in most cases, the third party code needs to finish loading before the rest of the page can begin to load. If the vendor providing the code is doing a good job, that impact should be so small that your visitors don’t notice it at all.

Prior to signing up with Verizon, Optimizely relied on a single CDN to deliver its snippets. In order to maximize its performance, the company’s web performance team decided to try adding another — and wrote an in-depth white paper about the results (The Most Misleading Measure of Response Time: How Optimizely Dramatically Improved Response Times with CDN Balancing).

The following data was previously published in that white paper and shows the positive impact of adding Verizon Digital Media Services to Optimizely’s CDN mix:


Overall, CDN balancing resulted in a dramatic improvement in response times for visitors at every point along the distribution curve. Here are a few key percentile statistics to illustrate just how significant the results were:


For Optimizely customers, this means that the experiment code integrates into their web pages even more seamlessly than before. Delivering such fast response times complements Optimizely’s mission to empower the world’s businesses and organizations to turn data into action.

We highly encourage you to read the whole white paper for more granular data and testing insights.

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