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Infographic: The State of News

The State of News

Verizon Media recently partnered with Publicis Media to investigate consumer perspectives around credible news sources. We found that consumers are passionate about being informed by trusted news sources. For advertisers, understanding how to navigate the various types of news sites to unlock the potential benefit for your brand is key.

“This research sheds light on the fact while many marketers see benefits to advertising in news environments, 42% are hesitant to do so because of unpredictable content or fear of adjacency to ‘hard’ news,” said Yale Cohen, EVP, Global Activation Standards, Publicis Media. “In spite of this, we found that 90% of ad adjacencies to even hard news are brand suitable. These findings, coupled with new standards released by the 4A’s APB mapping brand suitability thresholds to the 700+ IAB Tech Lab contextual categories, should empower marketers to advertise with confidence in news content.”

Check out the excerpt of the infographic below, then read and download the full infographic


State of News


State of News


Read and download the full infographic